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The Minimal Pricing Promise

Example Advertised Price (Live):

$175,000 (+ tax)

The pricing of your unit is typically communicated within 72 hours of an on-site feasibility study. When working with Minimal Living Concepts, there are no hidden costs and we work to identify every expense within your project upfront. With the Minimal Price Promise, if the cost of your project changes due to any unexpected surges in commodities, materials, or labor, we guarantee that we don’t profit from the change.

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This budget includes the following:

  • End to end permitting concierge service for the fastest possible permit approvals. We pull the permits for you and manage the communication with individual cities and municipalities. We keep you up to speed on the entire permitting process.
  • Completed Minimal Living Concept. This includes all of the finishes and appliances based on your package selection. Some packages have minor upgrade charges.
  • Site work is not included in our cost as unfortunately, it is impossible to predict. In order for us to accurately price site work, we must perform an on site evaluation. On site costs typically range between $5k-$15k.

Things That Can Increase Costs

Deep Backyard Deep Backyard

Extremely long utility runs can increase your project cost but only by the direct cost of that service. We do not profit on this portion of the project.

+ $25 - $66 / additional linear ft of plumbing or electric runs over 50 ft

Electric Panel Upgrade Electric Panel Upgrade

Some properties require an electrical panel upgrade. When needed, we charge you the cost of the panel + the installation fee associated.

+ $5,500

Septic Septic

Does your property require septic? Septic tanks are not included in our base pricing. Good news, we can handle your septic design and installation along with your unit.

+ $16,500 - $22,000

Hazardous Soil Conditions Hazardous Soil Conditions

Difficult soil conditions can lead to a “hard dig.” In this scenario, labor costs increase as these utility runs require longer time frames and additional labor.

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Landscape Removal / Repair Landscape Removal / Repair

Are trees in the way of your future unit? During our feasibility study, we can identify landscaping issues and relay the costs in our final bid.

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Pier Foundation Pier Foundation

Some severely graded lots require us to construct on piers. Piers require additional labor and additional lumber.

+ $10,000 - $50,000

Pricing Breakdown

  • 15% downpayment 90 days
    Of project cost as downpayment (majority of these funds are used to collect all of the necessary documentation required to ensure a successful permit submittal)
  • 35% of total amount due
    Upon start of construction (we utilize these funds to ensure all materials are pre ordered and ready so that we experience no construction delays)
  • 20% of total amount due
    Upon framing completion
  • 20% of total amount due
    Upon drywall completion
  • 10% due upon completion
    Upon certificate of occupancy
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