• Bedrooms


  • Baths


  • Footprint

    322 sq ft

Starting at:

$159,000 (+ tax)

  • One Full Bedroom
  • Kitchenette, Including Appliances
  • Full Bathroom
  • Built-in Soft Close Cabinetry
  • Built-in Work Space
  • LED Ambient Lighting
  • Polished Concrete Floors
  • 9ft Ceilings
  • Corner Glazed, Aluminum Framed Glass

Flex was designed to be the modern guest house. Flex is ideal for the homeowner in need of a guest house or extra bedroom without the space needed for our more robust products..

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Customize your own living space


Customize your own living space






Accoya White

Musket Gray

Midnight Black

Mod Cabin +$12,000

  • Flex is our most traditional product. A studio unit designed to be the best use of form and function. The Flex is ideal for the person in need of a guest house or extra bedroom without the space needed for our more robust units. Unlike Live, Flex wasn’t designed for rental capabilities. This unit was meant to add meaningful value to your property, in the form of an additional bedroom, workspace, or multi-use room. Inclusive of a full bathroom, half kitchen, and work corner, sleek and modern lighting, high-end glass sliding doors, air conditioning, and a weatherproof metal exterior, this addition will bring a tasteful modern look while adding meaningful utility to your backyard.

    • 322 sq ft

    • 23 ft / 14 ft / 10 ft

      Dimensions L/W/H
    • 9 ft

      Interior ceilings
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    Construction Timeline Estimate:

    This timeline is based on our Flex model. Our projects start with a 30 day planning period. Upon proper planning, our team works to secure permit approval on your project. The permitting process can take anywhere from 2-3 months. The Flex requires about 4-5 months of on-site construction time outside of any unexpected delays.



    Planing Completion

    30 days

    Permit Approval

    2-3 Months

    Construction Completion

    3-4 Months